Innovating Medical Technologies in Interdisciplinary Teams


The Biodesign Finland 2017 team has secured funding from Tekes and Aalto University for an 18-month project that aims at commercialization of their research-based innovation. The innovation that will make open heart surgery safer has been developed within the Biodesign Finland 2017 project together with heart surgeon Tommi Pätilä. Globally over one million open heart surgeries are performed annually and up to 20% of the patients acquire heart failure, which may lead to severe morbidities or be even fatal. The innovation aims at bringing down the numbers of the severe complications. The funding will be used for concept development, clinical testing, and commercialization research. The project is expected to result in a strong IPR position and a commercialization plan that may be, for example, a start-up company or a license agreement with an existing company. Tommi Pätilä together with the Biodesign Finland 2017 team (Sami Elamo, Kalle Kotilahti, and Jari Rantala) constitute the project team.

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