Innovating Medical Technologies in Interdisciplinary Teams


The first Biodesign Finland team got funding from Tekes to prepare for the commercialization of the idea they came up with during their Biodesign fellowship. The idea that the team is working on aims to improve dental health by killing bacteria that cause cavities. Dental diseases are one of the most common diseases in the world with some 50–80% of the population affected by dental caries in the Western world. The funding will cover an 18-month project, during which the team will examine possible paths for the utilization of the idea as well as the most promising route and method for taking the idea to the market. In addition, the team will investigate the possibilities of using the idea in a business of a to-be-founded startup or developing it into a new business in an existing company. The research part of the project will focus on issues that play a key role in the commercialization of the concept.

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